Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SEAMOLEC - DoT MoA Signing

Friday afternoon on August 20 2010, Department of Tourism Region XI, represented by Regional Director Sonia Garcia, has signed Memorandum of Agreement with SEAMEO SEAMOLEC on the maintenance of mobile application on Dotogo (tourism sites in Region XI), Etabisaya (English-Tagalog-Bahasa Indonesia-Visaya Mobile dictionary), and Voice on Cellphone. The signing took place in Davao Convention Center, during the launching program of Mindanao Tour and Travel Expo 2010.

SEAMOLEC Davao team has created and developed the three mobile application for DoT Region XI for free, and has conducted several trainings for some Philippine schools in Tagum City, Digos City, Mati City, and Davao City at no cost.

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Consul General Partawana (seated, left), Regional Director Garcia (center), and Secretary Dureza (right). Also standing behind them to witness: Consul General of Malaysia, Cotabato Tourism Director, and other DoT officials.

Consul General Lalu Malik Partawana and Chairman of Mindanao Development Authority Secretary Jesus Dureza also signed as witnesses on this historical event. In front of around 200 public audience, Ma'am Garcia expressed her gratitude for the partnership and Indonesian Consulate also expressed his wish that the partnership would be a fruitful efforts in strengthening the people's relations of the two countries.

On the other hand, SEAMEO SEAMOLEC has committed to serve her clients all over Southeast Asia, and one of the commitments is to work closely with various institutions in Southern Philippines. In September, SEAMOLEC is planning to conduct free five-day workshop on Seamolec Multi Studio to teachers in Southern Philippine schools.

Mabuhay Indonesia-Philippines relations!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Glowing Opportunities

After SEAMOLEC expert team's stay here in Southern Philippines for around three months, I have learned some more new and exciting ideas. I've learned that friendships (even brotherhood) between Indonesians and Filipinos are based on sincere foundations.

I've learned that Indonesians thru SEAMEO SEAMOLEC, with the capacities that they have, are genuinely ready to help their Filipino brothers and sisters in IT capability building.

I've learned that Indonesians and Filipinos are more prepared to embrace 2015 ASEAN Community, if we just allow it.

I've learned that Indonesian Consulate can, should, and must work side-by-side brilliantly with SEAMOLEC in order to accomplish our "business of hope" .

I've learned that people's education is a strategic element to make a country prosperous.

I've learned that through an excellent teamwork, you can accomplish any kind of difficult tasks burdened to your shoulders.

I've learned much more precious things than what I expected to get, before my 4 SEAMOLEC friends first set their feet on the land of Mindanao.

You have been willing to become our diplomacy and foreign policy instrument, so people-to-people relations of the two countries are enhanced. You have sent a massage that Indonesia is always there for her friend.

You have showed and promoted, unlike politicians that favor on give-and-take, that there is goodness in all of us.

It is my humble hope, that we could send a strong note to Indonesia, how beautiful it would be if we can just combine nationalism, regionalism, and internationalism. After all, it's nothing but all for the sake of our red-and-white flag.

Therefore, from every beat of our hearts, maraming salamat to you. You have become part of the Indonesian Consulate. Take care and have a nice interesting journey lies ahead four of you. We wish you the best for your study and work...

Balik-balik ha....

Monday, August 16, 2010

SEAMOLEC-Department Of Tourism Region XI, Philippines

On Monday, August 16 2010, the SEAMOLEC DAVAO team has finalized the application of DoToGo (DavaO TOurism Guide on mObile).
This application has officially given to the Department Of Tourism Region XI, Philippines to be applied in Davao City. The application was handed over in a package with the ETABISAYA (English-TAgalog-Bahasa Indonesia-viSAYA) and VOC (Voice On Cellphone). Madam Sonia V Garcia as the Regional Director of Department of Tourism Region XI herself given us the honor to receive the application. With Mr. Frederick Bernard Loesi, the Vice Consul of Consulate General of Indonesia in Davao City as the witness.
When we showed the demo of DoToGo, the Regional Director was so delighted and hoped that this application can be useful to guide tourists and enjoy their stay in Davao.
Furthermore, these mobile applications will be officially launched in the Kadayawan Festival on August 22nd, 2010 in Davao City. It's an honor for Indonesian product to be implemented and accepted in another country, Philippines.

Thank you for the Consulate General of Indonesia; Mr. Bernard and Mr Hardi.
the Department of Tourism Region XI; Mam Eden and Eugene.
and for all, Maraming Salamat sa inyong lahat.
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Meet the City Councilor Of Mati City

Mr. Marlon, Mr. Capalit, Mr. Bernard,Mr. Andrada, -, Rani, Mr. Joes
After workshop in DOSCST, we had a precious chance to meet the City Councilor of Mati City, Mr. Alan E. Andrada. This meeting is held to embrace a cooperation with the Local Government Officer (LGO) of Mati City. The City Councilor was so excited about our activity in Mati City for the last 3 days of the mobile programming workshop. He was also interested in SEAMOLEC programs such as SMS (SEAMOLEC Multi Studio) and SEAEdunet. He hoped that those breakthrough of technology brought by SEAMOLEC can be applied in Mati City to connect the 3 remote islands around Mati City.
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One Day Seminar in ICC

On Friday, August 13th 2010, we held a one day seminar of mobile game programming in ICC (Interface Computer College), Davao City.

This seminar was attended by students and lecturers of the ICC.
We presented the mobile programming development based on Java. We showed about how to make a simple mobile application using the Visual midlet, we also share our experience of 1.5 months activities in Davao City.

Islamic Schools in Cotabato City

From left to right: Mr. Joes, -, Mr. Bernard, Mr. Badrudin, Mr. Husain (AAMSCI President), Mr. Soehardi
To expand the partnership between Indonesian and the Philippines schools, on Saturday, August 14th 2010, The Vice Consul of Consulate General of Indonesia in Davao City- Mr. Bernard, and his staffs; Mr. Soehardi and Mr. Edgar took us to Cotabato City to meet the AAMSCI (Accrediting Association of Muslim Schools and Colleges Inc) Presidents and Board of Directors.
We went from Davao City at 6.30 in the morning and arrived in Cotabato City at 9.45. The meeting was started at 10 o'clock.
The AAMSCI president and his staffs were very friendly and welcome of our present.
We presented cooperation that can be established, such as conducting a mobile programming workshop SEAEdunet and SMS. We hope this meeting could be a starting point to embrace Islamic schools in Indonesia, South Thailand and Philippines.
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Madrasah in Davao Oriental

On the second day of our stay in Davao Oriental, the DOSCST staffs have been so kind to took us to the Islamic schools around Mati City. The madrasah is oftenly called Madaris or Madrasto. It only held in Saturday and Sunday. The other days, the students will go to the public schools. This kind of madaris serves everyone, from children to the elderly.
The first Madrasah we visit was a Madaris in Dahican.
The Madrasah
It's located nearby the shore. So we talked with the Imam on the beach.
Me, the Imam and Mr. Yos
They said that they need Islamic books, especially about Islamic knowledge such as Fiqh, Aqeedah, and Da'wah. We didn't spend much time in this Madrasah because of the limited time and we have the closing ceremonial to be catched up, so we have to go back to the DOSCST soon. Thank you for Madam Galves for being so kind, bridging and helping us to communicate with the Imam.
Me and Madam Galves (Lily Beth^^)

On the third day, the DOSCST staffs kindly brought us to the next Madrasah: Madrasto Norol Hidaya Al Islamiyah, lead by Imam Sir Carlito.
Seamolec Davao Team, Imam Sir Carlito, and the DOSCST staffs
In this madrasah, the school has the same schedule. Only saturday and sunday, and it'll be closed during ramadhan. In front of the madrasah, there was a Masjid where the students used to pray.
The last madrasah we visited has more facilities than the others. Unfortunately, it was no longer used.It is also located nearby the shore but the buildings were abandoned.

The last madrasah